Istanbul Modern Art Workshop

In August 2017, with the collaboration of Istanbul Modern Museum, two-month art school was organized for children between the ages 11-13 registered in the primary schools in the adjacent neighborhoods. The aim of this project was to expand the children’s imagination and increase their creativity with the workshops held in four different disciplines: music, graffiti, dance & movement and sculpture. In total, 70 children participated in the sessions. Sessions in the workshops are as follows:

  • Music Workshop: In the program under the heading create your own music; the participants collaborated with artists and sound engineers to create a joint music track using various instruments.
  • Graffiti Workshop: In the workshop with a graffiti artist, the children created imagery and slogan ideas and were taken to the area designated for the activity.
  • Dance & Movement Workshop: In these workshops with dancing instructor, the aim was to strengthen the link between the bodies and minds of the participants.
  • Sculpture Workshop: In this program held with a sculptor, the aim was to help participants use their imagination and basic concepts as well as carving and chiseling techniques to create sculptures.