World's largest fuel supply system is at Istanbul Airport!

The Istanbul Airport fuel systems, which have the largest storage and hydrant systems in the world, successfully passed the IATA audit. On this occasion, the fuel used in the first flights conducted on October 31 was approved prior to the flight.

Before the opening of the Istanbul Airport on October 29, the fuel systems were approved by IATA during the audit. Istanbul Airport currently has the largest storage and hydrant system in the world with a tank storage capacity of 300,000 m3, approximately 105 km of pipeline, 512 airplane supply points and 73 supply vehicles. IATA conducted a two-day long assessment through a team of 5 experts including representatives from Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Onur Air and SunExpress airlines. The auditors analyzed the commissioning records of the fuel systems in accordance with IATA standards and several fuel samples taken from various points in the system, and they approved the fuel in accordance with the results of the accredited laboratory tests.

İGA fuel supply vehicles are above standards

Tests simulating aircraft refuel in parking position in the apron at Istanbul Airport were carried out and the characteristics of the aircraft supply vehicles were examined. Fuel samples were taken from the lines and aircraft supply vehicles. Chief Executive Officier of iGA Airport Operations H. Kadri Samsunlu, stated that the refueling systems and vehicles at the Airport are the largest in the world as well as the most advanced and said: "We continue to share the world's 'first' and 'most' projects that we have carried out at Istanbul Airport. One of these 'mosts' was our competence in refueling. The filters and equipment in the standard fuel supply vehicles protect the airplane from water, particles and excessive pressure, while the supply vehicles at Istanbul Airport continuously control the water particles and pressure via sensors besides filtering and pressure regulation. They automatically stop the fuel supply if there is a problem with filtering. Even the most advanced airports of the world do not possess these systems, and we will ensure that airlines refuel in the safest and most qualified manner possible."

İGA Fuel Supply Director Hüseyin Aslanoğlu stated that the supply vehicles in the last link of the fuel delivery chain at Istanbul Airport had above-standard properties, the refills at the airport were made most reliably, and that the IATA approval has confirmed this officially.