The Taxi Service Contract is Concluded for the İstanbul New Airport

İGA, which has assumed the tasks of the construction and operation of İstanbul New Airport for a 25-year period, shakes hands on the taxi service to start upon the commencement of airport operations with İstanbul 34th Taxi Drivers’ Cooperative. According the contract of superior service standards, 660 taxis will serve the İstanbul New Airport at the first stage.

Aiming at making the İstanbul New Airport the ‘world’s most significant airport’ in terms of the passenger experience, İGA enters into a contract with İstanbul 34th Taxi Drivers’ Cooperative to receive the taxi service.

Under this contract, many new standards have been set for the delivery of a new taxi service. The new standards that have been mutually agreed upon within the framework of the contract will be subject to frequent inspections and utmost importance will be attached to providing passengers with the best service.

Giving information about the contract between İGA and İstanbul 34th Taxi Drivers’ Cooperative, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board at iGA Airport Operations H. Kadri Samsunlu, emphasizes the technology-oriented aspect of the İstanbul New Airport and their continuous effort to ameliorate the passenger comfort. ‘We have conducted a meticulous study for the taxi service to be offered at our airport, which will break new grounds and records for the passenger experience, and entered into our contract that will introduce new standards to the taxi business. We hope that all of our passengers will be satisfied with the taxis that will serve at the İstanbul New Airport thanks to the combination of technology, luxury, and quality.

The number of taxis will be 660 at the first stage and this number may increase as the airport capacity expands. The standards that we have set will always be open to development. I am of the opinion that the taxi service in İstanbul will improve generally following the introduction of new taxis to be used at the airport.

We are considering the experience of every passenger during her/his arrival at and departure from the airport as one of the important parts of the travel. Therefore, we are regulating the transport service that best suits the new airport.” says Samsunlu.

Passengers will Receive a Service of Raised Standards

The contract that has been entered into by and between İGA and İstanbul 34th Taxi Drivers’ Cooperative contains comprehensive articles on the inspection of drivers. The drivers that will be assigned at the airport, which will be a window of Turkey to the world, will obligatorily submit İGA their A1 certificate to be obtained from English language courses. The drivers will have to renew such foreign language certificates at certain intervals. According to the contract, the vehicles that will serve at the İstanbul New Airport will compose of luxury, light commercial, and sedan vehicles. The concept studies for the taxis that will serve the airport are ongoing.

Taxis will have Technological Compliance

The taxis that will serve the new airport will also meet certain standards in technological terms.The information displays to be included inside the vehicles will provide passengers with instant details about their trip.

These displays, which will be installed in every taxi as a standard, provide information on the driver, route, traffic, and many other subjects. The passengers that prefer to take a taxi in airport transport will be able to use their credit cards in all of the luxury vehicles and in the significant portion of the other vehicles.

Under this contract, the personnel that guide taxis at the terminal exit gates will also be subject to certain regulations. According to the new practice, the existing superintendent system will be quitted and replaced by the assignment of such personnel that are fluent in English and that attach importance to the rules of good manners. All drivers will be subject to appearance regulations and a general scoring system within the framework of the standards set. When failing to meet a certain score level, taxi drivers will be deprived of their license to serve at the airport stand. The new system aims at minimizing the waiting period of passengers in front of the terminal.

In its meticulous efforts to regulate all of the services to be received by the passengers of the İstanbul New Airport, İGA aims at offering the best service not only to Turkey, but also to the whole world.