The New Commercial for İstanbul New Airport

İGA (İstanbul Grand Airport) has been preparing a new commercial for the İstanbul New Airport, a project that has attracted the attention of the entire world. The advertisement will be launched with the slogan "This masterwork belongs to us all" and will feature information on the latest state of the Project.

A new commercial has been broadcast for the İstanbul New Airport project. The commercial describes the latest state of the ongoing project which, when finished, will unveil the world's largest airport. With its slogan of "This masterwork belongs to us all," the film also calls on the public to embrace the undertaking as their own property.

Opening with an airplane gliding above the clouds, the advertisement points to the progress of the project so far by saying, "There is no limit to our dreams and our aspirations." The film also says, "We know that you have to think big to create big projects. In this belief, we worked hard for a big and a strong Turkey so that all of us could own the world's largest airport and we have already reached the middle of the road." The commercial was first shown on all of İGA's social media channels and has now begun to be aired on national television and other online networks.

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Advertising ID

  •  Advertiser: İGA - İstanbul New Airport
  • Advertising Officers: Gökhan Şengül, Emrah Akalın, Mertcan Tanaydı
  • Creative Agency: DCC Film (Dirty Cheap Creative)
  • Production Company: DCC Film (Dirty Cheap Creative)
  • Director: Ali Yorgancıoğlu
  • Cinematographer: Murat Tuncel
  • Producer: Ömer Abra
  • Post-production: ABT İstanbul
  • Music: Elec-Trip Jingles
  • Media Agency: Skala Media Solutions
  • Media Team: Emre Eti, Sinem Ceylan, Alp Ustaoğlu, Abdullah Gündüz, Sinan Çilek, Eren Aksu