The Heart of Silk Road Will Throb at the İstanbul New Airport

Cracking the door open for the aviation of the future, agreements for İstanbul New Airport in different branches of business from cargo to ground services and retail are being signed. The airport, which will serve to more than 100 airlines companies, will build up an “aerial” Silk Road.

İstanbul New Airport, which is to host the airlines companies that will come to Turkey for the first time, is getting ready to be the window display to showcase Turkey to the rest of the World. Istanbul New Airport, which will host around 100 airlines companies, is being designed to offer state-of-the-art practices of passenger experience, comfort and technology. 

As construction work proceeds at full speed at the İstanbul New Airport so as to prepare for the launch planned in 2018, commercial agreements are also being signed. In May, important agreements were signed in the fields of cargo, ground services, commercial zones, and airlines companies. 

CEO of İGA Airport Operation, Hüseyin Keskin commented as follows regarding the agreements: “We are working at full speed to engage in collaborations to offer İstanbul New Airport to the service of our people. In May, we signed important agreements with our business partners in the areas of cargo, ground services, and airlines companies. We are excited about the high level of attention shown for our airport. We will soon start to announce these agreements.

Thanks to the bridges we built with new regions in the world, we will boost the commercial power of Turkey and accelerate the economic development through the butterfly effect. Our airport will enable the connection of countries like India and China to Istanbul, which was not possible before, establishing an “aerial” Silk Road. Collaborating with global actors whose joint trade activities date back to centuries ago, we will generate new opportunities and bring fresh breath to competition not only in Turkey but across the world.”

A natural transfer hub and an attractive destination in aviation, İstanbul New Airport will host important retail brands that had not been in the Turkish market before. With the largest duty free space of the world, Istanbul New Airport will be home to about 400 global brands.