The First Passengers Give Full Marks to Istanbul Airport!

The results of a survey for evaluating Istanbul Airport passengers' level of satisfaction with the services and their customer experience are in. The survey reveals that the passengers who experience Istanbul Airport are satisfied with all of the services.

Since the inauguration of the Istanbul Airport on October 29, 2018, efforts continue at top speed to bring the airport into service at full capacity. In order to measure customer satisfaction and deliver better services, a passenger experience survey has been conducted in collaboration with the firm ERA Research & Consultancy. According to the results of the survey designed to measure satisfaction levels among outgoing passengers at Istanbul Airport's Domestic and International Terminals, passengers give full marks to Istanbul Airport. This high level of customer satisfaction also confirms that the airport is ready to serve at full capacity.

Travel habits of passengers using the Istanbul Airport…

According to the survey, 86% of passengers have used the Istanbul Airport for the first time for domestic flights, while this figure stands at 85% for international flights. 74.4% of outgoing domestic passengers at Istanbul Airport fly for holiday purposes, while business passengers account for 25.2%. As for international lines, these figures stand at 72.8% and 27.2%, respectively.

Very high levels of satisfaction across the Istanbul Airport Terminal!

Istanbul Airport passengers give the thumbs-up to the terminal. Domestic passengers' general satisfaction level with the terminal stands at 92%, while 99% say that they appreciate the terminal's architectural style inspired by Istanbul. 97% of these passengers indicate that they are pleased with general hygiene in the airport, while 93% express their satisfaction with the quality and comfort of the waiting areas. 88% of passengers are satisfied with transportation within the terminal, while this figure reaches 92% as regards the air conditioning service.

International passengers flying from the Istanbul Airport to Cyprus and Baku have a general satisfaction level of 90% as regards the terminal, and express a 98% satisfaction with Istanbul Airport's architectural design, making this the most important criterion of satisfaction in their eyes. 91% of them are satisfied with the general hygiene in the airport, and 84% with the hygiene in the bathrooms.  

The survey, which also measures the passengers' satisfaction with the various services provided at Istanbul Airport, yields striking results. 95% of domestic outgoing passengers are satisfied with the security service, while this figure stands at 93% among international passengers. As for the information desk, 95% of domestic passengers express their satisfaction, and this figure climbs 2 percentage points to attain 97% among international passengers. The general satisfaction level with the check-in service, where over 500 conventional and self check-in options are on offer to reduce waiting times, stands at 92% among domestic passengers and 89% among international passengers. Istanbul Airport boasts Europe's largest car park with a capacity of 40,000 vehicles; when asked about their opinion of the parking services, 74% of domestic outgoing passengers and 83% of international outgoing passengers expressed their satisfaction.

Istanbul Airport passengers experience no transport problem…

In order to reach Istanbul Airport, 32.8% of domestic passengers opt for Havaist, while 25.2% prefer their personal cars. 18.4% of passengers take the municipal İETT buses. Over 85% of domestic outgoing passengers are satisfied with the means of transport.

As for the international passengers, the largest group opts for their personal car (37.1%), which is followed by Havaist (19.9%) and taxi (15.2%). The satisfaction of outgoing international passengers concerning these means of transport varies between 86% and 100%.

Commenting on the results of the survey, Chief Executive Officier of iGA Airport Operations H. Kadri Samsunlu underscored the high levels of satisfaction observed among the current Istanbul Airport passengers: “It has been a month and a half since our inauguration. Until now, we have served a total of 60 thousand passengers across 7 lines, which comprise the domestic destinations of Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Adana and Trabzon, as well as the international destinations of Cyprus and Baku. At the end of the first month, we wanted to measure the level of satisfaction among passengers travelling through our airport. To this end, we conducted a survey to determine what we do right, and what our passengers expect from us. We are quite pleased with the results. Creating a difference with its unique passenger experience and technological infrastructure, Istanbul Airport continues its efforts at full speed so as to always deliver top-notch services to its passengers. We have always underlined an important issue even as the airport construction continues: One of the major priorities of the Istanbul Airport is to deliver impeccable passenger comfort and travel experience, and to offer an outstanding passenger experience. Furthermore, we strive to blend technology and comfort in our airport operations to ensure that all our passengers enjoy quality time in here. The survey reveals that 90% of all domestic and international passengers are satisfied with the general services at Istanbul Airport. We were immensely pleased to see such a high level of satisfaction.”

Information on the Survey

The survey was conducted by ERA Research & Consultancyfrom November 29, until December 2, upon the request of İGA Airport Operations. The survey was conducted within the Istanbul Airport, a total of 421 domestic and international passengers were interviewed, and these face-to-face interviews lasted an average of 9 minutes.