The First Part of The Space Frame Roof of The İstanbul New Airport in Place

Construction of the Istanbul New Airport continues at full speed with 11,000 workers, and the installation of the first part of the airport's roof is now underway. Footage taken from the installation works of the space frame roof was shared with the public via İGA social media channels.


Installation of the first part of İGA İstanbul New Airport piers' space frame roof is now underway. Construction continues at full speed in the terminal building of the İstanbul New Airport, which, when completed, will become the largest airport in the world 'built from scratch'. The roof of the structure, which spans 145,000 square meters excluding the roof of the terminal building pier, is designed as a space frame model. In this regard, the first phase of the work is focused on a 5,000-sqm part of the roof, approximately 1,000-sqm of which is already completed.


Yusuf Akçayoğlu, İGA CEO, highlighted the roof installation as a significance step in the progress of the project. "Installation of the terminal pier roof module is a construction milestone for the Istanbul New Airport. The installation is carried out with the efforts of local manufacturers and engineers, and it continues at full speed, same with every other aspect of the construction. Manufacturing and installation works are also right on schedule," Akçayoğlu said. When all phases are complete, the İstanbul New Airport will feature an extendable passenger capacity of up to 200 million, and will serve more than 350 international destinations. The İstanbul New Airport will also host over 150 airlines.