The First Fuel Delivery for Test Purposes at İstanbul New Airport

The first refueling took place with 63-thousand tons oiler in the Fuel Supply Port of İstanbul New Airport, which is one of the few airports in the world that allows fuel supply via ships. At İstanbul New Airport, where no fuel delivery will be made by land, a low-cost operation is conducted through transfer by sea instead of using nearly 2250 transport vehicles.

The first refueling took place less than 80 days before the opening of İstanbul New Airport that will be the world’s largest airport built from scratch with the capacity of 200 million passengers. The fuel needs of İstanbul New Airport will be met by sea, instead of being delivered by land, and the first fuel shipment of 63 thousand tons was made from İGA Fuel Supply Port built for that purpose.

İGA Fuel Supply Port’s fuel capacity is two-fold of the fuel capacity of airports in Turkey!

The first test fuel shipment from Petrol Ofisi company was received in the fuel tanks nearby the port. Another milestone of the project has been implemented following the first fuel delivery for test purposes at İstanbul New Airport. The vessel LR2 PIONEER, which as a fuel transport capacity of 116 thousand tons, docked at İGA Fuel Supply Port and transferred 63 thousand tons of fuel through 12 km-long pipeline to the fuel tanks located at İstanbul New Airport with a capacity two-fold of the airports in Turkey. Thanks to the transfer by sea, a low-cost operation was conducted without the need to use nearly 2250 transport vehicles by land.

İGA Fuel Supply Port: annually fuel intake capacity of 6 million cubic meters

We will have the advantage of cost-effective fuel transport by sea to İGA Fuel Supply Port from all parts of the world thanks to this infrastructure. The port will ensure the fuel provision and security of supply form the areas where affordable base fuel prices are offered. The tanks of İGA Fuel Supply Port has annually fuel intake capacity of nearly 6 million cubic meters. Besides significant time and cost saving, occupational safety will also be ensured without the need to use 8 thousands and 571 land transport vehicles thanks to 3 refueling operations by sea enough to replenish the tanks. The Port shall perform refueling on a 24/7 basis.

Daily fuel consumption at İstanbul New Airport will be 13 thousand and 200 cubic meters!

Underlining that İstanbul New Airport is amongst a few airports where such large scale refueling can be made in the world, Chief Executive Officier of iGA Airport Operations H. Kadri Samsunlu, adds “At İstanbul New Airport we are implementing new developments day by day. We are proud of implementing the first fuel delivery as a milestone of the project has been implemented. We forecast that we will need to provide 13 thousands and 200 cubic meters of fuel initially to deliver liquid fuel services to aircrafts following the commissioning of İstanbul New Airport project. The delivery of this fuel quantity by land would involve the use of 315 vehicles per day. Considering the fact that fuel supply by sea would both be cost-effective and reduce the operational burden in comparison with the additional burden that would otherwise be placed on İstanbul’s traffic, we have implemented İGA Fuel Supply Port. In this way, we are reducing the cost of transport to İstanbul New Airport by 41% thanks to the fuel supply by sea. The fuel to be unloaded at once from a vessel can only be achieved by 2250 transport vehicles by land. Considering this significant figure, we are providing a much safer and much more important logistic infrastructure thanks to the fuel supply by sea. Time saving, cost advantage, and occupational safety ensured by maritime logistics will ensure the significant operational optimization and serve your operational excellence understanding.”