Second Phase Trainings Start for Temoval to the New Airport

The second phase trainings have started for removal to the İstanbul New Airport. In this context, field trainings are delivered to the employees of airline, ground services, and other relevant companies.

The ORAT (Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer) process has gained speed at the İstanbul New Airport. Following the completion of classroom trainings delivered within the scope of a process started two years ago, field trainings have been delivered to the employees of airline, ground services, and other relevant companies.

According to a statement made by İGA, the program will be completed on the 28th of September after trainings have been delivered to 28 thousand and 200 persons.

These trainings cover the familiarization field trainings that contain the airside, terminal, and luggage services including the ramp license. Within this framework, airport introduction, ramp entrance gate operation, support services, cargo, luggage operations, terminal areas, runways, arriving and departing passenger flows, transfer lines, control room functions, airport security and other subjects will be discussed during the field program.

This training has been initially started with a group of 194 persons from THY, Havaş, and Çelebi employees. According to the training schedule, it is aimed to deliver familiarization field training to a total of 28 thousand and 200 persons.

The classroom trainings, the first part of ORAT training, were started on the 5th of March and took 88 days. 25 thousand trainings were delivered in total during the training process completed in June.


Mr. Mehmet Büyükkaytan, Vice General Manager in Charge of Operations at İGA Airport, contributed to the statement with his opinions and pointed out that the entire aviation industry was preparing to witness the removal of an airport with an annual passenger capacity of 70-million to the New Istanbul Airport by at a distance of 45 kilometers.

Explaining that this removal would be the first in the world, Mr. Büyükkaytan continued:
“Just as we are preparing for the process by receiving consultancy from the airports that handled the world’s best removal processes, the employees of the Istanbul New Airport will, by the end of the process, also be giving consultancy to the world on removal. To get ready for this large-scale removal, we have scheduled a dense training process for the current employees of Atatürk Airport and the personnel that will be employed for the first time at the İstanbul New Airport.

Upon completion of the second phase trainings by the 28th of September, we will have delivered nearly 53 thousand trainings only for the airport removal.”


On the other hand, only the trial flights will be conducted at the new airport prior to the 25th of October. Between the 25th and 30th of October, only a limited number of flights will be conducted at the new airport for the purpose of removing materials and equipment from Atatürk Airport. The removal process will start on the 30th of October at 03:00 a.m. and end on the 31st of October at midnight. The materials will be predominantly transported by land.

Both airports will offer flights in a limited number during this 45-hour process. As from the midnight of the 31st of October, Atatürk Airport will be closed for the scheduled and non-scheduled domestic and international line commercial passenger transport.