ORAT Training Exercises Begin at the İstanbul New Airport

ORAT training exercises has officially begun at the İstanbul New Airport as part of an effort to achieve the perfect airport transfer the likes of which has never been seen in aviation histor

The process of transforming the Istanbul New Airport construction into an airport that is fully operational, called ORAT (Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer) for short, continues at full speed. The stakeholders of the İstanbul New Airport and their employees have officially begun their planned training as part of the ORAT process. This endeavor to carry out the biggest airport transfer in the world history also includes a plan to organize a grand opening together with all the stakeholders. Trainers and executives from the Ground Handling Service organizations HAVAŞ and ÇELEBİ are being trained during the first training phase, to be followed by the TGS Ground Handling Service staff.

Mehmet Büyükkaytan, Assistant General Manager of Operations at the İGA Airport Operation has said the following about the ongoing ORAT process: “For the first time in the world, an airport that hosts 70 million passengers per year is being transferred into another airport about 45 kilometers away. This is going to be a unique operation in this sense. We are trying to carry out this operational readiness and transport operation, ORAT for short, as meticulously as possible with the leadership of General Directorate of State Airports Authority of Turkey. After our other stakeholders have also joined the training process we have started with the executives and the employees of Ground Handling Service organizations HAVAŞ, ÇELEBİ, and TGS; we will move on to the testing phase of the process.

The classroom training courses delivered by 12 experts employed by the İGA Airport Operation will continue until June. The training held at the Atatürk Airport covers the personnel that currently work there until October 29, 2018 on which they will start working at the Istanbul New Airport

The training process, part of the ORAT Project plan, will be supplemented by the active use of the remote training platform after the classroom training is over, and will be concluded with a field training.

For the airport to be operationally ready, all systems must be tested, ready, and capable of working together. Therefore, it is crucial that all the preparations and the training process take place simultaneously and with complete participation by the airport stakeholders