Model Aircraft Design By Youth Will Cast Light On The Future

The applications for "Istanbul Inter-High Schools Model Aircraft Contest", the second of which will be held this year and be sponsored by İGA - Istanbul New Airport, can be filed between 20 February - 10 March on web site. During the contest, high school students will be trained by members of the academia from ITU, design their aircrafts and compete in the finals.

The application period for 'Istanbul Inter-High Schools Model Aircraft Contest', which will be held for a second time this year by İGA - the developer of the world's largest airport from scratch - in cooperation with Istanbul Provincial National Education Directorate and Istanbul Technical University (ITU), starts on 20 February.

Aiming to increase knowledge base and raise awareness on aviation and thus adopting high school students in Istanbul as the target audience, the contest also focuses on ensuring that young people are more oriented and interested in aviation / aeronautical engineering and creating a qualified workforce in this field.

High school students studying at all public and private high schools in Istanbul are eligible to take part in the contest, which is composed of four phases, namely application, theoretical training, practical training and finals. In the first phase, students will submit their reference letters and a letter of intent which is no longer than 250 words to apply for the contest on the web site until 10 March. Then a preliminary assessment team will assess the applications and select 40 students to attend trainings. Those students will receive trainings that will take 3 weekends. Once theoretical trainings are over, the students will take an assessment exam in order to qualify for practical training. 20 students who pass that exam will attend the practical training for five weekends, during which they will design a model aircraft step by step from scratch. During the contest finals on 14 May, students will offer their model aircrafts to the jury and compete for the winning prize. All trainings will be delivered by members of the academia from ITU, who are specialized in the field of Aeronautical Sciences, as well as engineers.

Stating that the contest was highly important for future professional inclination of students who were keen on aviation, Yusuf Akçayoğlu, CEO of İGA Airports Construction, said, “As you know, we sponsor this contest for a second time at İGA. We are truly proud to support efforts by young people for the future of the aviation industry at a time when we aim to render Istanbul one of the key aviation centers in the world. Their work for the future sets new horizons for us and give us new ideas. In the upcoming years, we will continue to support the efforts of our young people in aviation and make sure they have a professional achievement.“

Prof. Mehmet Karaca, Rector of Istanbul Technical University, said the contest was ultimately important for the future ideals of young people who had a passion for aviation. Karaca said, “The contest is a part of our university’s aim to meet young people sooner rather than later. It makes us glad to see that this contest is held for a second time with our university’s support and receives significant interest from students. There is no reason why we won’t have a new Vecihi Hürkuş, a new Nuri Demirağ. As the rector of Istanbul Technical University, I wish success to all who will take part in the contest.”

The winning team in the contest will be awarded a gift voucher worth TRY 6 thousand for use in technology markets while the runner-up team will win a voucher worth TRY 4 thousand and the team placed third will get a voucher worth TRY 2 thousand.