Ministers of Transportation from 57 Countries Listen to the İstanbul New Airport

The CEO of İGA Airports Construction, Yusuf Akçayoğlu, gave a presentation about İstanbul New Airport project addressing Ministers of Transportation from 57 Countries at the International Transport Forum in Germany held by OECD.

At the forum which is one of the most important events in global transportation, effective and reliable transportation infrastructure projects that promote environmental performance were highlighted.

The 2017 Annual Summit of the International Transport Forum (ITF) was held in Leipzig, Germany between May 31- June 2. Operating within the framework of OECD and organized by ITF, the International Transport Forum brought together representatives of global transportation industry. During the event, Ministers of Transportation from 57 countries listened to the presentation about Istanbul New Airport.

Ahmet Arslan, the Minister of Transportation, Maritime and Communications, was also present at the event where CEO of İGA Airports Construction Yusuf Akçayoğlu gave a presentation about “Management of Transportation in Mega Projects” and “Management of International Transportation Connections”, elaborating on the İstanbul New Airport project. İstanbul New Airport, which is a mega project to benefit not only Turkey but the region and the world, got full marks from the forum participants.

One of the two CEO’s who were invited to the Forum by OECD, Yusuf Akçayoğlu, underscored the significant developments in transportation and aviation sectors in the last 15 years. He stressed that several critical projects were put into effect, particularly underlining the significant investments that were put to life in the aviation industry. Akçayoğlu said, “We foresee that Istanbul New Airport will boost the global share of the transportation sector. When the first phase of the Project is launched in 2018, the airport will serve 90 million passengers bringing the level of indirect employment to 225.000 people. Our airport will contribute to the GDP by 4.9%.

Yusuf Akçayoğlu added that Istanbul New Airport is a crucial Build-Operate-Transfer Project too. Emphasizing the importance of political stability in such Build-Operate-Transfer projects, Akçayoğlu asserted that this enabled the timely and effective completion of vital projects.

At the event where member countries participated at ministry level, there was a joint declaration underscoring the necessity to take into account the rules set within the framework of Paris Climate Agreement and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. According to the joint declaration, in order to further improve innovative mobile solutions, Ministries were at a consensus to rearrange the current legislation and the financial structure, and called for a regulation that speeds up innovation while responding to the needs. Signing the joint declaration, the Ministers also attracted attention to high-quality transportation infrastructure projects that are effective and reliable while at the same time promoting environmental performance.