‘July 15 Victory Photographs’ exhibition at Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport hosts exhibition of victory photographs depicting the tenacity and determination of the Turkish Nation as manifested on July 15.

Istanbul Airport, as Turkey’s gateway to the world that has pushed Turkey over the top of aviation, is hosting an exhibition of victory photographs that depict the Turkish nation’s strong will to fight off the malicious coup attempt on July 15, 2016 marking one of the darkest nights in the history of the Republic.

The exhibition shedding light to the Turkish nation’s tenacity, stance and determination to thwart the coup attempting to encroach democracy on the night of July 15 meets the passengers of Istanbul Airport on the occasion of July 15 Democracy and National Unity Day.

Istanbul Airport to witness recent history…

The ‘national rise-up’ of July 15 manifesting the strong will of the Turkish nation to protect democracy is commemorated at Istanbul Airport with the July 15 National Unity and Solidarity Exhibition.

Along with 45 photographs exhibited at the main exhibition area located across boarding gate G4 on the domestic departures floor, images narrating the night of July 15 are exhibited inside the 3 passenger bridges allocated to domestic flights. In addition, 10 photographs will be exhibited in form of photo blocks at knuckle A-B on the international flights floor of Istanbul Airport for 12 days.

Mr. Tarık Şebik, Chairman of July 15 Association, made following comments on the ‘July 15 Victory Photographs’ currently exhibited at Istanbul Airport: “4 years have passed since we, by the call of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, filled the squares and airports to thwart the coup attempt staged by Fetullah terrorists who maliciously attempted to invade our glorious country on the night of July 15, 2016. One of the most important motives of this attempted treason was definitely to disrupt our country’s global projects. In this sense, I find it very meaningful that we are holding this exhibition here at Istanbul Airport. Acting hand in hand, our nation has not only defended its will to defeat the pawns of global devils but continued to accomplish our targets for 2023 one after the other. Today, we are here to commemorate our glorious martyrs together with İGA - a domestic and local company that has been successfully operating a project being a source of great pride and honor for Turkey - and fresh up our excitement and hopes for the days yet to come. I am confident that, as long as we act in unity and solidarity and as long as we take lessons from the challenges we face, we will continue to instill hope for our geography and set an example for all oppressed nations. I wish our event to serve as a means to strengthen and sustain the spirit of July 15, while I extend once again my sincere thanks to all our stakeholders.”

“The Victory Photographs are a commemoration of our martyrs and veterans of July 15…”

Commentating on the victory photographs exhibited at Istanbul Airport on the occasion of July 15 Democracy and National Unity Day, Kadri Samsunlu, CEO and Director General at İGA Airport Operation Inc, made following statements: “July 15, 2016 was one of the darkest nights in our country’s history. By the strong will exhibited by all women and men of our nation, young and old alike, that dark night turned into light, manifesting an epic victory in national history. We all must keep what happened on the night of July 15, when all the citizens of our nation including the employees of our airport took to streets and threw themselves under tanks to defend democracy without batting an eye, in fresh memory at all times. With the “July 15 National Unity and Solidarity Day Exhibition” held at Istanbul Airport, we once again commemorate the heroic acts of our 251 martyrs, who sacrificed their lives for their nation, and our 2.190 veterans on the night of July 15. That night, Turkey literally faced the brink of the abyss on its path to democracy and sovereignty. However, our nation’s tenacity and determination on the night of July 15 has become the greatest assurance for a bright future. Despite the attempt to fetter the future of the Republic of Turkey, the banks, the General Directorate of State Airports Authority, İGA partners and subcontractors maintained their enthusiasm to continue their investments in the construction of Istanbul Airport. It was so important for us to get our Republic’s largest investment completed in a successful and timely manner by not allowing our future to be taken away from us, nor allowing any harm to our democracy. On that night, not only Istanbul Airport, but all long-term goals in the transportation sector could have gone lost. Yet, the Turkish nation defended its democracy at the risk of their lives. On the occasion of the opening of this exhibition shedding light to the heroic acts that have made an indescribable contribution to maintaining our national integrity and building a much stronger Turkey than ever before, I hereby wish Allah’s mercy upon all our martyrs, who have sacrificed their lives so selflessly for the sake of democracy, and extend my deepest respect and gratitude to all our veterans.”