İstanbul New Airport to Carry Its Flag to Summits Around The World with Tunç Fındık!

Sponsored by İGA, national mountaineer Tunç Fındık will ascend the summit of the four of the highest mountains of the world as part of the “14x8000 Climbing Project”. As part of the 14x8000 project, Tunç Fındık will attempt to take on the 14 eight-thousanders around the world, carrying the flag of Turkey and İGA to the peak.

Poised to take Turkey to the top of civil aviation, the Istanbul New Airport (İGA) became the main sponsor of Tunç Fındık, national mountaineer and professional climber, for his climbs to mountains are over 8,000 meters above sea level. Tunç Fındık is one of the rare mountaineers across the world, having conquered 10 of the 14 eight-thousanders so far. The renowned mountaineer will attempt the remaining four mountains in Pakistan and Nepal, taking the İGA flag with him.

The first Turkish mountaineer to reach the summit of Everest twice, and the one with the most eight-thousanders conquered with 10 successful climbs so far, Fındık will become the 34th person in the world to climb the 14 mountains, collectively known as the “eight-thousanders”, after completing the “14x8000 Climbing Project”.

As Tunç Fındık also gets ready to become the first Turkish mountaineer to make two ascents to over 8,000 meters in a single season, Hüseyin Keskin, CEO of İGA Airport Operation, expressed the company’s pride in the mountaineer’s achievements. “When completed, our airport will be the world’s biggest airport built from scratch, and carry the name of Turkey to the top of civil aviation. In this regard, we share the dream of Tunç Fındık, who makes us proud with his inspiring story. As part of our common dream, we are delighted to be supporting him as he endeavors to become the first Turkish athlete to climb the highest summits in the world. As the flag of İGA flutters on the peaks of the world’s tallest mountains, we are looking forward to delivering Istanbul its new airport,” said Keskin.

Tunç Fındık commented: “I have completed over 1000 ascents in my mountaineering career of 25 years. I succeeded in becoming one of the first mountaineers to conquer numerous routes in Turkey and abroad. I have always set my eyes on the top, and aimed to show the world what a Turkish mountaineer can do. When I met with the Istanbul New Airports, it was a source of great pride to see them share my excitement. I wish to become the first Turkish athlete to complete 14x8000, drawing strength from the project that will successfully represent Turkey, and take the country’s name to the top.”

From October 13 to November 16, Tunç Fındık made a training ascent to the 7130-meter Himlung Himal in Nepal, flying the İGA flag and becoming the first Turkish athlete to conquer the peak. In the next step of his goal towards 14x8000 the accomplished mountaineer will climb the 8047-meter Broad Peak in Pakistan in May 2017, and the 8068-meter Gasherbrum1 in July 2017.

Fındık will complete his 14x8000 tour by climbing the 8091-meter Annapurna in Nepal in April and May 2018, and afterwards the 8125-meter Nanga Parbat in Pakistan in July.