İstanbul New Airport set to be The New Flag-bearer of Internet of Things

Already an award-winner in numerous areas even before starting its operations, İstanbul New Airport has now made a difference in technology as well. ‘Internet of Things Application Project’ developed for the airport won “Best Cost-Efficiency Award” at IDC Turkey 2017, organized by American market research company IDC.

IDC (International Data Corporation) organized the IDC CIO Awards 2017 Summit between April 23 and 25, 2017 and announced the most successful projects of the year. The “Internet of Things Application Project” developed by Istanbul New Airport (INA), which redefines the concept of “smart airport”, received an award at the ceremony. When complete, the airport will be the biggest of its kind in the world built from scratch. The airport is planning to invest approximately 200 million Euros in IT infrastructure, intending to offer an excellent experience to passengers with cutting-edge technology devices and applications.

‘Smart’ passenger experience from A to Z

INA aims to set a model for mega-scale projects around the world with Internet of Things, mobile applications, face recognition systems and configurations offering tailored opportunities. Significant investments have been made with an eye to building an airport with technological amenities as befits Turkey. Currently, an IT team of 50 specialists is at work at the airport. A detailed technology map of the airport is designed with a consideration of everything passengers need; from the moment they leave their home until they arrive in their destination. INA intends to become Turkey’s gateway to foreign countries as well as its showcase. The airport is expected to be an international trendsetter in technology.

In a statement about the award, Yusuf Akçayoğlu, CEO of İGA Airports Construction, expressed his content and added: “We set out with a dream. We wanted to do the best and many different authorities awarded our project in a manner that justifies our goal. The awards we have won in the design stage empowers us to work even harder and to raise the bar in every area. With bigger achievements each day, Turkey asserts its strong potential in technology, entrepreneurship, software and hardware. Our airport will provide access to major partnerships in this area for Turkey while raising Istanbul to the global scene as a monument of its future vision in technology. Our CIO Ersin İnankul and his team are making their best effort to fulfil this mission in the best possible way, making an impact for the future. The award given to the expert team perfectly reflects our technological potential and is a source of pride for us and for our country.”

About IDC CIO Awards 2017

IDC is a market research and consultancy company based in the USA, leading in information technologies, telecommunications and consumer technology sectors. This year, the company organized the eighth iteration of the CIO Awards, whose categories include ‘The Best Innovation Project of the Year’, ‘The Best Change Management Project of the Year’, ‘The Best IT Governance Project of the Year’, ‘The Best Business Enablement Project of the Year’, ‘The Best IT Cost Efficiency Project of the Year’ and ‘CIO of the Year.’ A total of 88 projects from 65 companies applied for the awards. The projects were evaluated in terms of success in design, planning and implementation, making a difference and creating added value in the IT sector.