Istanbul New Airport commercial aired

One week to the launch, İGA aired its "Monument of Victory" themed commercial for Istanbul New Airport.

The launch of Istanbul New Airport, highly anticipated across the globe, is less than one week away. İGA, undertaking the construction and operation of the airport project for 25 years, started to air the commercial it prepared for the grand opening on October 29, Republic Day of Turkey, on national TV channels and their digital and social media accounts.

The commercial is about a security guard, a flight attendant and an engineer proudly preparing for their work at Istanbul New Airport on the morning of October 29 and features the verse, "When we stand together, no one can limit us, we can survive the hardship, we can overcome any obstacles easily, dreams come true and we achieve great victories."

In the commercial, the launch of Istanbul New Airport on the Republic Day is celebrated with the line "The incomparable achievement of Turkey’s strong economy, Istanbul’s new and world’s largest airport is at your service on the 95th anniversary of our Republic".

The commercial first aired on social media accounts of İGA and then national TV channels as well as other online platforms.

To watch the commercial, follow İGA's YouTube channel.

Information on Commercial

  • Publisher: İGA - Istanbul New Airport
  • Officials of the Publisher: Gökhan Şengül, Hatice Alioğlu, Emrah Akalın
  • Advertising Agency: Alaaddin
  • Head of Creative Group: Murat Doğu
  • Creative Team: Hande Çeviköz Doğru, Cem Abbas, Erdinç Üskent, Erdi Koçak, Cemal Çoban, Selim Özübek
  • Customer Supervisor: Aysim Sepet
  • Strategy Director: İmer Kamadan Şen
  • Production Company: Kala Film
  • Producer: Efe Koçdağ
  • Director: Hakan Yonat
  • Music: MCE Music