İstanbul Inter High School Model Airplane Competition from İGA

The ‘İstanbul Inter High School Model Plane Competition’ sponsored by İGA – Istanbul New Airport offers high school students an opportunity to join an extensive training program on model airplane design. Application deadline is March 28. 

İGA Airports, İstanbul New Airport contractor for construction and operation, launched the ‘Istanbul Inter High School Model Plane Competition’ in collaboration with the Istanbul Provincial Directorate for National Education and Istanbul Technical University (ITU).

Aside from the primary goal of generating an interest in aviation among high school students, the competition also aims to help develop qualified workforce for the aviation industry. “We want to support young people who dream of a career in aviation and help them make their dreams come true through this competition. Our goal is to expand the scope of this competition, which is held for the first time this year, and to turn it into a traditional event", noted Yusuf Akçayoğlu, İGA CEO.

Students from public and private high schools in Istanbul are eligible to participate in the four-stage competition. The first stage involves students' application to the competition with reference letters by their branch teachers and a motivation letter until the deadline of March 28.

At the second stage, a preliminary evaluation committee will review applications and shortlist forty students. These forty candidates will then take a qualifying examination.  Twenty students who pass this examination will be eligible to receive training and enter the competition. After splitting into five groups, they will attend trainings to be held in April and May at ITU Ayazağa Campus and design their model planes. Theoretical trainings will be provided by ITU academicians and engineers specialized in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles. Training program will continue with complimentary group studies. At the end of this program, which will feature step-by-step design and building of a model plane, students will be reevaluated by a jury. In the final round of competition, students will fly their model planes before the judges on June 5 at ITU Stadium. Top three teams with the highest score will be awarded.

All winners will have the opportunity to get an aerial view of the Istanbul New Airport construction site from a helicopter, as well as a chance for an internship in the project. Moreover, members of the winning team will be awarded Macbook Pros, while the runners-up and the third team will be presented Macbook Airs and an iPads, respectively.

Applications are made via the website.