Istanbul Airport has collected its 42-month adventure into the book : "It is a Dream, Come True”

İGA has published the book "It is a Dream, Come True” which covers the story of the construction of Istanbul Airport, the biggest project in the history of the Republic, in a short period of 42 months. The aim is to ensure that the book prepared as a result of long and meticulous studies is used as a resource for the aviation sector.

The lure book carrying Turkey to the peak in the aviation sector has met the readers with the name of "It is a Dream, Come True”. The book, which tells the story of all processes of Istanbul Airport from the past to the present, also includes narratives of people who have witnessed and directed this process closely. In the book, in which every detail in the construction process of Istanbul Airport is written one by one, the contributions of many people, from architects to engineers, from workers to laborers, who resisted all obstacles and who worked hard to build the Victory Monument, are also included.

     A gift from İGA to the aviation sector…

In the book, in which all the processes of Istanbul Airport are explained, the history of Istanbul, the tender processes of the airport, environmental and sustainability studies, the firsts in construction, technological infrastructure, the special systems of the airport and most importantly the developments behind the scenes of the construction process are explained. The book, which is the gift of İGA to the aviation sector, also states that Istanbul Airport will set an example model that will pave the way for an innovative, sustainable and holistic system with the economic, cultural and social development to be provided to the aviation sector in the future.

"It is a Dream, Come True” book is presented to the readers as e-book

Readers will be able to access the lure book online. The book, which can be read as an e-book at, is available to the readers in both English and Turkish. The book also impresses with effective photo frames taken during the construction process. An intensive effort was spent on the book "It is a Dream, Come True”, in which the research and text process was edited by the journalist-writer Faruk Şüyün. The book, which was brought to life with the contributions of many managers, engineers and architects involved in the construction process of Istanbul Airport, takes the readers on a long journey.

Considering the fact that people who have lived on these lands for thousands of years have been striving to add value to Istanbul, this book that tells the story of what makes Istanbul Airport a reality sheds light on the efforts and perseverance of thousands of people.