International Award to Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport received the 'Special Achievement Award' in the 'Outstanding Innovations' category at this year's Leisure Lifestyle awards by Global Traveler, one of the most prestigious publications in the global tourism sector.

Istanbul Airport, Turkey's newest window to the world, was granted an award by Global Traveler, a monthly travel magazine located in the USA that reaches consumers across the globe who travel frequently, consume luxury and experience premium travel and accommodation services. At the award ceremony organized on May 16, 2019 at Sofitel West Hollywood Hotel, Los Angeles, Istanbul Airport received the Special Achievement Award under the 'Outstanding Innovation' category. İGA Corporate Communications Director Gökhan Şengül accepted the award on behalf of Istanbul Airport.

Unlike many other awards, Global Traveler Awards are voted by its readers. However, the category in which Istanbul Airport received an award was identified by publishers, editors, corporate advisory board and focus groups. Global Traveler Magazine identified the brands to receive awards with open-ended questions and directly through an e-mail survey it communicated to its readers between October 1, 2018 - January 31, 2019.

"Istanbul Airport outdid other global projects"

Gökhan Şengül, İGA Corporate Communications Director, participated the event organized by Global Traveler Magazine, accepted the award and stated their delight in winning an international award on behalf of Turkey: "Istanbul Airport has been deemed worthy of many awards with its unique architecture, tower design and, most importantly, the social responsibility projects it implemented. We are proud to have received such a prestigious award from one of USA's most popular magazines, Global Traveler. Moreover, receiving an award under the category of innovation is proof of the difference our airport made in such field. Given to Changi Airport in Singapore last year, this award we received by outdid many other projects across the world is an indication that we performed our jobs the right way. Istanbul Airport, Turkey's window to the world, will be deemed worthy of many more awards in the upcoming years through the travel experience and service approach it offers."

Deemed as one of the most read magazines in the United States of America, Global Traveler Magazine reaches around 300,000 readers every month. The magazine offers its readers insight on premium cabin, airlines and accommodation services across the world and is closely followed by executives, entrepreneurs and business people. Leadership in innovation, environmental initiatives and community outreach are among the criteria recognized for the category in which Istanbul Airport received the award.