İGA increases capital for a second time in the same year

kHaving undertaken the construction of Istanbul Airport as well as obtaining the subsequent operating rights for a term of 25 years, İGA completed a second capital increase during the same year, raising its capital to TRY 7.368 billion from TRY 6.240 billion. Following the most recent capital increase, the contribution of shareholders since the establishment of İGA has exceeded EUR 1.7 billion.

İGA Havalimanları İşletmesi A.Ş. has undertaken the construction and operation of Istanbul Airport, a gift from Turkey to global civil aviation, and has recently effected a second capital increase in 2018.
At its General Assembly of December 20, 2018, İGA Airport Operations resolved to increase its capital by TRY 1.128 billion to TRY 7.368 billion from TRY 6.240 billion. Following this increase, İGA shareholders have contributed a total amount in excess of EUR 1.791 billion.

The capital of İGA Airport Operations was increased by TRY 1.790 billion in July 2018, followed by the recent TRY 1.128 billion, raising the total amount of increase to a record TRY 2.918 billion within the same year. This capital increase corresponds to EUR 535,567.

İGA's capital now matches those of the largest companies in Turkey!

Chief Executive Officier of iGA Airport Operations H. Kadri Samsunlu, stated they raised their capital at a record level for a second time in the same year. "Istanbul Airport is a major project launched to mark Turkey's future. We embarked on this journey with a vision to make İstanbul the global aviation hub. Our shareholders have reaffirmed their confidence in Turkey's economy by raising the capital for a second time during the year. The airport will be commissioned at full capacity in a matter of weeks. All is ready for the occasion. 66 thousand passengers departed from our airport since October 29. Following the big move, a new era will commence at İstanbul Airport for both our country and our region. In the first six months of 2018, the number of passengers flying from the existing two airports in İstanbul was close to 49 million. I believe we will be hitting the 70 million passenger mark next year. İGA's capital now matches those of the largest companies in Turkey. Once the operating period starts, İGA will be making a significant contribution to national economy in terms of both employment and turnover."