Huge Interest in Commercial Spaces at İstanbul New Airport

Leasing continues in full gear for Istanbul New Airport retail stores. Set to serve 90 million passengers and around 100 airlines upon the completion of the first phase, İstanbul New Airport is poised to partner with world-famous brands. The 10,000 sqm retail space, apart from the duty-free and the food and beverage areas, attracts a flood of interest by retailer brands

Commercial agreements gathered momentum as well at the İstanbul New Airport, before it becomes a global showcase of Turkey after the opening scheduled for October 29, 2018. The construction runs at full speed to deliver on this date. İstanbul New Airport, the world’s largest airport built from scratch under a single roof, will repeat its assertive approach it embraced for duty free, and food & beverage, to offer retail stores of a shopping mall variety. 

Brands eye 10,000 sqm retail spaces!

The talks with the brands have gained speed for retail stores that cover a total of 10,000 sqm across the departure terminal, domestic outbound passenger area as well as arrival terminals excluding duty-free shops, and food and beverage areas. The spaces allocated to car rental, pharmacy, hairdresser, gift shop, jewelry, bijouterie, textile, toy, shoe parlor, and travel products were reported to have emerged as the most in-demand.    

The selection of brands to enter İstanbul New Airport’s commercial spaces is a rigorous process that looks at a brand’s promise to the consumer, strength as well as the marketing value it would bring to İstanbul New Airport, according to an announcement by İGA İstanbul Yeni Havalimanı İşletmesi. The announcement also said that the commercial spaces attract a significant demand which signaled the trust in Turkey. 

Second zone is full, tourism leasing finished

It was reported that all the spaces in the tourism, transfer and hotel zone were leased, a second phase was opened in response to high demand, and the spaces there were fully booked as well. A list of requirements were prepared for around 100 firms to open stores in the categories of jewelry, bijouterie, eye wear, and watch.