COVID-19 Test within minutes in Istanbul Airport PCR Test Center

Standing out with the services provided for its passengers, Istanbul Airport continues its efforts to provide faster results to arriving and departing passengers. Samples collected from passengers are analyzed in the laboratory at the terminal, and the passengers may alternatively be notified about the results in a short time via messaging applications on their mobile phones as per the passenger's request.

Becoming a global transfer hub in the first year of its opening with its unique architecture, strong infrastructure, superior technology, and excellent travel experience, Istanbul Airport also stands out with the services it provides to its passengers. Istanbul Airport Test Center, which was opened by iGA last summer, informs passengers about their PCR, Antibody and Antigen test results within minutes.

Istanbul Airport Test Center which provides 7/24 service in a total of 5,000 square meter area and has the capacity to perform 20,000 tests a day is able to process the swab samples taken from passengers' throat and nose in the laboratory at the airport and inform the passengers about their PCR test results in 1.5 hours, Antibody test results in 45 minutes and Antigen test results in 20 minutes via mobile phone as per the passenger's request.

Arriving and departing passengers will take the PCR, Antibody, and Antigen tests and the results will be shared both in Turkish and English in accordance with the rates announced by the Ministry of Health.

Providing privileged service to its passengers, iGA also offers PCR test reservations for the members of iGA PASS with its conception of the personalized airport experience. The passengers who make their transactions via the reservation address of iGA PASS passenger program ( are able to take the test without having to wait in line and learn their test results shortly.