A Praise from BBC to İstanbul’s New Airport

The New Airport of İstanbul, which is counting the days for the opening on October 29th, was praised by Britain's world-renowned broadcasting channel BBC World News. Chief Executive Officier of iGA Airport Operations H. Kadri Samsunlu who was a guest to the broadcast of experienced journalist Aaron Heslehurst on June 13th, shared the latest information about the airport.

He stated in the broadcast “Talking Business with Aaron Heslehurst” for İstanbul New Airport, which will be opening on October 29th and will be the most important hub in the region, that there comes a strong competitor to the most crowded airports in the world, especially on international flights.

Mentioning the fact that Turkey is a big country and the demand, especially in domestic flights, has increased 12 times in past 15 years, Kadri Samsunlu has highlighted the importance of Turkey’s strategic location between producing-east and consuming-west.

Referring to the question of whether the hub model would be damaged after the widespread deployment of aircraft with long-range flying capacity, Samsunlu indicated that there are 60 countries and 120 destinations located 3 hours away from the İstanbul New Airport and they can reach any of these countries that they wish.

Remarking the fact that there will be no slot issue for the airlines once the New airport opens, Samsunlu has indicated that he thinks also the Turkish Airlines will open flights to new destinations much easier.

You can find the video which is aired on BBC World on June 13, 2018, here.