"A Dream That Came True" is Being Published

The book "A Dream That Came True," which covers the record-breaking 42-months construction period of Istanbul Airport, Turkey's door opening to the world and the biggest project in the history of the Republic, is being published to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the airport.

"A Dream That Came True" goes on sale in all D&R stores in Turkey, covering the 42-month construction story of Istanbul Airport and phases from its construction to its opening, which has led Turkey to experience firsts with its unique architecture, strong infrastructure, superior technology and the highest level of travel experience.

A Dream That Came True will be sold for 29.10 TRY in commemoration of October 29th...

The book goes in detail of every work and process done before the opening of Istanbul Airport, which was put into service on October 29, 2018, the 95th anniversary of the Turkish Republic; the book will be sold for the special price of 29.10 TRY for the 2nd anniversary of the airport.

An important resource for the aviation sector...

As well as being the largest airport in the world and the most important global transfer center in the region, Istanbul Airport made history in the aviation sector throughout the world by entering into service in a record period of 48 months. The book, in which the story of the airport is told, comes to the fore as one which constitutes a resource in the fields of engineering and architecture, as well as in the aviation sector.

Entitled "It is a Dream, Come True", the book was prepared by IGA as the result of a painstaking study, shedding light on the sublime adventure of Istanbul Airport, which has carried Turkey to the top in aviation, through recountings of individuals who directed this process and witnessed it at close hand.

Istanbul Airport: From a Dream to a Triumphal Monument...

The book tells each and every detail of the construction of the Istanbul Airport, which started with a 'dream' in the very beginning, and includes the contributions of many people from the architects to the engineers, and from workers to laborers, who all went through many hardships in order to create a 'the Statue of Triumph' rather than an airport.

"A Dream That Came True", which details the history of Istanbul, the tender process of the airport, environmental and sustainability works, innovations made in the construction, technological infrastructure, special systems of the airport and most importantly the backstage of the construction process, will be available for purchase in all D&R stores to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Istanbul Airport.