3rd Runway Preparations of the Istanbul Airport Continues in Full Force

3rd runway operations continue in the Istanbul Airport that carries Turkey to the peak of aviation. With the 3rd independent runway expected to come into service during the first half of 2020, Istanbul Airport will be the first airport capable of independent parallel operations with this many runways in Turkey and second in Europe right behind Amsterdam.

Distinguished from many other airports across the world with its technical characteristics, Turkey’s new gateway to the world, Istanbul Airport will also enjoy an important relief in terms of travel experience with its 3 independent runways. By the time the third runway becomes operational, Istanbul Airport will have 5 operational runways with 3 independent runways and the backup runways combined. Thanks to the new runway, air traffic capacity will increase from 80 plane landing/take-offs to 120 per hour. Airways’ slot flexibility will also improve. Also, with the 3rd runway being positioned close to the pier that operates the domestic flights, current taxi durations will reduce by 50 percent. 

Chief Executive Officier of iGA Airport Operations H. Kadri Samsunlu, following his evaluations of the Istanbul Airport’s soon-to-be completed 3rd runway, said: “Istanbul Airport, which got constructed in record time as the worlds’ biggest airport, is among the most important projects of Turkey. Our operations continue in full force after an unprecedented, successful and nigh-flawless, massive relocation. There’s no other airport in the world with these characteristics of construction or relocation. We are also proud of this success. We welcomed about 17 million 500 thousand passengers since April 6th, 2019. We did everything within our reach to create such an airport that will give our passengers every kind of comfort in the easiest possible way in such a big structure. We intend to bring into service our three independent runways, within the first 6 months of the next year. With the time efficiency and comfort the completion of the three still-under-construction runways will provide, we will carry our quality of service assertion to the top. Istanbul Airport is the most important economic asset of our country. It will be a driving force behind our country’s development.”

Operations to improve taxi traffic are continuing

Extra operations to further reduce the plane taxi times in Istanbul Airport are also in progress. In this regard, studies have been started to install loop sensors, microwave barriers, control panels and stop bars, which are planned to be placed under the surface of the taxi roads to speed up the traffic. During these operations, taxi road asphalt and paint repair maintenance operations planned to be completed before winter are also put into practice.