Our HR Policy

Our HR Policy

The core of our policy is to uphold our "Right Person for the Right Job" approach to form a structure comprising individuals who are focused on continuous development, dedicated to the principle of equality, not daunted by the prospect of taking bold steps forward, have embraced the principle of "Always Forward", are promising, confident, ethical, responsible and open-minded,  and to work in harmony with our management. 

Our principled services, ever improving top-notch technology, experienced staff and modern management approach have earned us the distinction of rising to the top of global charts in a short time.

Selection and Placement

İGA is an organization of choice for promising, confident, ethical, responsible and open-minded individuals seeking a career in the aviation industry. 

The roles in our organization comprise aviation specialist positions, as well as administrative, social and technical job units. The personal qualities required for the roles and positions in our organization include compatibility with the vision and values of İGA, reliability, honesty, teamwork capability and dedication to customer. 

At all levels of our organization, employee selection is carried out through a coordinated approach between the Directorate of Human Resources and the relevant unit. Hiring and placement is carried out in accordance with İGA standards pertaining to education, experience and personal qualities.


Our remuneration policy aims to continuously improve the living standards of our employees within the bounds of economic possibilities. Employees’ success in achieving their goals, as well as their seniority, plays a role in determining wages.

Career Management

We emphasize career development in order to improve efficiency, keep a close eye on new developments and train the executives of the future.

Our development process, enriched by training programs, is managed by the Directorate of Human Resources. As part of this effort, candidates' strengths, their areas of development and potential are evaluated based on their competencies so they may become ready for executive roles within the organization. As a result of these evaluations, the Directorate of Human Resources provides feedback to candidates about their individual strengths, areas of development and potential. All candidates who undergo the evaluation process are admitted to training programs in line with their areas of development.

Target-Oriented Management and Performance Evaluation System

Our Performance Evaluation System is a management process to ensure that employee performance is continuously improved in accordance with company targets.

This system is designed to support employees in their units and allow them to manage their own performance in line with individual competencies, goals and company targets. The "Target-Oriented Management and Performance Evaluation System" will commence in unison with our business activities.


We offer our employees a variety of training programs for both personal and professional development at every level. The aim of that education is to increase the human resource contribution to our company’s value. Through these training programs, we provide equal development opportunity for all employees.

In addition to improving employees' technical knowledge and skills, the training programs also serve to impart the knowledge and skills they may require in their next assignment as determined during individual Career Planning.